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Facebook Marketing

Facebook Marketing is an amazing tool to help target your ideal audience! Our team prides itself on their expert knowledge of it’s functionality, and we strive to create unique campaigns to showcase your business. Facebook Marketing is a platform that offers targeted, paid advertisements and organic posts. This puts your products and services in front of a vast audience, with the opportunity to target specific interests.
Our goal is to create, launch, and manage campaigns that focus on day-to-day trends and data. The daily analysis of KPI’s and the current Meta are how we create a strategy to maximize your ROI! Depending on who you are targeting, we fluctuate our plans to focus on specific audiences.

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For some, local business marketing is extremely effective to build relationships between yourself and the community, especially if you have a brick and mortar location. Businesses we have worked with have been able to refine their audience to based on specific interests, demographics, and behaviors to target their ideal clientele.
Businesses that operate solely online thrive with Facebook marketing because it can send your target audience directly to your landing page! This is great for e-commerce or digital services that are looking to grow and scale to audiences they might not be able to reach through word of mouth. Also, this style of advertising can target specific behaviors of internet browsing.
Business-to-business marketing is another strategy that can be effectively used in Facebook. Since this platform is a social network, it provides the opportunity to reach business owners and decision makers you might not typically get the opportunity to connect with. With many opportunities Facebook Marketing can provide, feel free to talk to our team about the benefits your business can experience!

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Facebook Marketing

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Google Marketing

Our Google Ads an online advertising program that allow you to reach audiences that have similar interests in the products and services you offer. These campaigns are high performing, data driven, and tailored to you and your business. This platform revolves around pay-per-click ads (PPC) where you would pay for each click from a site visitor to your page.
When determining our campaign structure, there are a few steps we take to create a successful plan. Through competitor analysis, we can determine what they are paying per advertisement, and generate a proper budget to increase your websites viability and awareness online. In our research phase, we not only stay up to date on current Google algorithms, but we are able to access previous trends and industry campaigns to determine viable ad structures. Our strategy and approach is a data-driven and based on the information given to us. As the ad aggregates, it is dissected and improved when necessary

Google Ads have countless benefits, but you may be wondering if it is right for you. To start, the results are much faster than SEO, and reach a larger audience. This is because Google prioritizes ads at the top of every page, so you have a more likely chance to be seen by more people. Also, this boosts brand awareness to people who have in interest in your services or industry.
Our team of marketing experts are here to stay up to date on the daily changes the Google Algorithm experiences. We have the ability to pair a high quality website with a strong ad campaign to create maximum opportunity for marketing success!

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